Asterisk operator panel

AsterSwitchboard CTI Operator Panel for Asterisk

AsterSwitchboard is an operator panel for Asterisk PBX running on MS Windows clients.
Call, answer, transfer, view the status of all connected extensions, intercept a call for another extension, display name and number of incoming calls, make a call directly from the integrated list of contacts or from the log and much more... Everything in just one click.

Easy to use

An intuitive interface, with all the main features available with a simple click.

Easy to install

With just a few simple steps, you will be ready to use AsterSwitchboard.

Few System Requirements

Asterisk versions 11 or higher.
Windows 7 or higher.

30-day free trial.

After installation, you will have a 30-day free trial of the Pro version.

Ideal for receptionists and customer support

No need for specific knowledge or experience.

Low investment

A small price for a great time and hardware costs saving.

Improve your way of communicating

AsterSwitchboard allows the switchboard operators to have complete real-time, directly on their PC, control of the status of all the extensions in Asterisk PBX. It also allows them to manage all incoming and outgoing calls with just a simple click or with drag and drop, optimizing the efficiency of communications activities.

Solutions for every type of business

AsterSwitchboard is a computer telephony integration CTI solution extremely configurable and has been designed to satisfy the communications needs of different type of business: from the small business with only a few extensions, to large companies that have hundreds of extensions.

Fast-paced interaction.

Ease to learn, use and install.

Thanks to AsterSwitchboard any workstation in your company will have all the capabilities that traditionally had only the switchboard operator desk. For a very low cost.