callto: and tel: configuration

AsterSwitchboard from the version can be set as the default program to be invoked by the browser to handle the links callto: and tel:

Tel. 0123456789 <a href="callto:0123456789">Tel. 0123456789</a>
Tel. 0123456789 <a href="tel:0123456789">Tel. 0123456789</a>

Clicking on the previous two links, the browser will ask you which program you want associate with the action. Specifying AsterSwitchboard (is listed as WpfAsterisk) the latter will call the past number.

Most management software on the web and CRM supports this function and then can be, through AsterSwitchboard, easily interfaced with VOIP PBX based on Asterisk.

Besides this two types of links AsterSwitchboard also operates the following proprietary protocol:

Tel. 0123456789 <a href="asterswitchboard.callto:0123456789">Tel. 0123456789</a>

In case in Windows these protocols are already associated with other programs (for example as Skype or X-Lite) to open these links with AsterSwitchboard as the default program follow these steps:

Open the Control Panel and click Programs:

Click "Make a file type always open in a specific program":

Look for the CALLTO protocol, select it and click the "Change program" button...

Select WpfAsterisk and press the OK button.

The same procedure should be repeated for the TEL protocol.